Lenovo with Corsair GS800 + GTX 660 ti display problems

Hi all,

My Dad recently bought a LENOVO K430 Desktop PC (Win 8)


This wasnt good enough to meet his requirements so he also bough a Corsair GS 800 PSU and a Palit GTX 660 ti GFX card.

I installed both bits of hardware and failed to get a display. (not even a post screen)

To rule out hardware problems I tried both the new PSU and GFX card in my rig (Win 7). Both work in my rig with no problems at all.

I have had my dads PC to a few technicians and they can only assume a hardware problem with one of the new items.

Can anyone possibly think of anything that could be causing the problems im experiencing?

Thanks in advance,

Jonathan =]
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  1. I had an issue with a Lenovo motherboard and a 670. If you have another PC test the parts in that.

    After I replaced the motherboard everything worked fine.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I was thinking it could be a motherboard issue also. He got a GT 460 with the Lenovo system and that works fine. Which also makes me think its a power issue as the GT 460 is motherboard powered only.

    It got me seriously stumped
  3. Hi all!!

    Found the solution after endless trips to computer shops and websites. Thought I would post the fix for this incase anybody ends up having the same problem.

    This only seems to be a windows 8 issue also but dont quote me on that.

    You need to go into your bios and disable secure boot and enable legacy drivers. These options are both under the same menu in the bios.
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