GPU running 99% without using any programs

hii guys im having a problem with my GPU today i started my pc but then i went outside and came back in after like 10 minutes i got into my room and my GPU really loud so i looked iinto GPU tweak and saw that my gpu was running 99% but i was not running any programs the temprature was about 70C i think its a virus or something can you please help me im using a asus gtx 560ti (btw sorry for my bad english im from the netherlands) thanks in advance
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  1. If you have been playing Crysis 3 theres a bug with it where for whatever reason it keeps your card stressed after you close it, check processes for it. Also it could just be the stupid Windows performance test telling you your hardware isn't up to snuff and you need to turn off Aero, its complete crap.
  2. Try rebooting your system, it should fix the problem. Otherwise, you could also try going into the NVIDIA Control Panel and resetting to default settings.

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