asus radeon hd 7850 2gb ddr5 dc v2 problem

My config- intel core i3 2100 3.10 ghz
asrock z77 pro3
2*4-8 gigs hynix ram
corsair gs 600 psu
asus adeon hd 7850 2gb
Graphics driver ver-13.1

problem- when i m playing game like crysis3,far cry3,hitman absolution etc some time i m getting red horizontal lines or full solid red display for this reason asus replaced the card with a new one bt in the new card same proble is ocurring. Can any body help me to find where is the actual problem
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  1. Since you've replaced the card, have you taken a look at your DVI/HDMI connection? Also please let us know what driver version you are using.
  2. PSU not supplying enough clean juice, not getting a favourable reception over at JonnyGuru.
  3. version 13.1
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