RAID0 SSD Performance & SATA bandwidth concern

If I RAID0 two SSDs would it double sequential and random read/write speeds? Would this go over the transfer bandwidth of SATA 6Gbps (768 MB/s) with 550MBps write/read SSDs? So RAID0 would be pointless on more than 2 SSDs, is there anyway to overcome this limitation?

EDIT: My cognitive process lapsed in the oversight that two SSD have different SATA connections. Is there a controller problem for the motherboard and CPU for doing 12 Gbps through two SATA connections?
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  1. The maximum bandwidth of a SATA 3 (6Gb/s) port is 600MB/s.

    No single SSD released thus far has Read/Write speeds of 600MB/s or greater.
    So no, there is no bandwidth limitation with 2 SSDs in RAID-0.

    The RAID-0 array's combined Read/Write speeds are greater than 600MB/s, but the speed on each individual port is less than that.
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