Gigabyte 7950 Low FPS

Been having some low FPS issues with my Gigabyte 7950. Full PC specs:
CPU- intel i5-3570k
Cooler- Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
GPU- Gigabyte Radeon HD 7950
Mobo- ASRock Z77 Extreme4
Ram- G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB
SSD- Samsung 840 Series 120GB
HDD- 1TB Western Digital HDD
PSU- Corsair Builder Series CX 600
Dvd- Burner- ASUS 24X
Case- CM Storm Scout
Monitor- Asus VH238H
Keyboard- Logitech G110
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

Ok. So I run GMOD at around 100-150FPS maxed out, 2xAA. I know this is VERY playable, but my friend with a XFX Double D 7850 can easily get 250-300FPS maxed out, 8xAA. He has 8GB ram, the same CPU, and a 650w PSU. On ARMA II OA I get around 50-60FPS maxed out, low AA. Here are some screens from GPU-Z that might help.(I am fairly new to PC's, this is my first one I built.)

First off, when I run the program, I get this error:

After I click 'Yes' I get this error:

The program still launches, but I thought it would be helpful if I included those.

My 'Graphics Card' Tab:

My 'Sensors' Tab:

The above screens are with no games open. The only things open were the program, Chrome, Steam, and Skype (Maybe some other BG programs, but I imagine that wouldn't have a big effect).

Finally, I took a screen of the program with Crysis 3 on 'High' settings, in 1280x720(I usually play in 1980x1080 fullscreen, and get around 25-35FPS, as well as buttons being delayed, such as jumping, aiming, and shooting.)

Any help is appreciated :), and if you need any additional details, let me know.
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  1. re-install drivers
  2. chromic said:
    re-install drivers

    No luck, still same performance.
  3. I installed the 13.3 Beta drivers. There is about a 5-10FPS increase on Crysis 3. Nothing much on other games.
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