This HDD won't format and crashes windows 7 when trying to delete an existing partition

I have a 3.5 internal SATA drive 250GB that I used on a Linux box, formatted to EXT3 with a single partition. Trying to use it now as extra storage for Windows 7 but I can't format it or delete the Linux partition.

When I try to format it using Disk Management (I have tried quick and normal format), it says format was not completed successfully.

If I try to delete the partition in Disk Management or DISKPART from command line, Windows 7 crashes to blue screen of death and I must reboot.

The weird thing is, I have this EXT3 explorer installed so I can mount Linux partitions and browse them with explorer. I can open the drive in Windows Explorer and browse the Linux directory structure, open files, play videos, etc. So the data is still there and accessible, it's just I can't format the dang thing.

Not sure what to do at this point, if the drive is bad or something else is going on.
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  1. You might try a LiveCD based partition editor, such as GParted or KDE Partition Manager
  2. OK I will give that a try when I get a chance. I do have a Linux partition on this computer I can boot into and then try to wipe the drive from there, so I might try that first.

    It's just really strange to me that not only can't I just wipe the partition from Windows 7 diskpart but it causes it to crash and blue screen.
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