Xbox 360 Controller suddenly not working on PC


Today, I plugged in my Xbox controller to my pc, the green lights flashed, and it turned off. I have used it many times before and now it is suddenly not working.

I've checked and windows is recognizing the controller. I have plugged it into my laptop and it works there too. I've also updated the drivers, uninstalled, etc. Anyone know the issue? I'm running Windows 7.
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  1. I am sure you have already tried this, but sometimes a simple reboot of the system will do the trick. If it is working on your laptop but not the desktop, restart the pc. Also, it could be a faulty USB port. Try another one? If this doesn't work, try to find all the drivers and make sure you didn't miss any, then do a fresh driver install. I know you said you did this, but double check. Sorry to be so vague. Hope you get it worked out.
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