Artifacts at stock clocks on Gigabyte 7950

I've had a Gigabyte 7950 Wind Force 3 Edition for a little over a month. One day while playing BF3 I started seeing black triangles all over my screen. At first it was only after playing for a while but now it happens 5-10 min into a game. I have read this can be caused by a bad overclock but I run at stock clocks. So far this only happens in BF3, playing Bioshock Infinite even for long periods would work just fine. I just [ast my Newegg RMA date so hopefully there is some way to fix the problem.

On a side note Bioshock Infinite was incredible.
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  1. Contact Gigabyte for an RMA - that's not good at all, and is a sign of something seriously wrong with the card if it just suddenly started doing this without a change in the system.
  2. The audio started having a crackle through the HDMI from the GPU. Could this be something caused by the graphics card or the on-board audio through the mobo?
  3. The onboard audio shouldn't mess with the graphics, but try hooking up speakers and seeing?

    I'm almost positive it's from the graphics card, or possibly a failing power supply - what make and model is yours?
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