Memory Stuck Odd issue

I have a Maximus 3 formula motherboard I bought some time ago. I have been using G.SKILL Ripjaws Series Model F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL memory

I have 4 gs of ddr3 at 1600 mhz in dual channel however I often run into the page file being used so I decided to buy another pair. Sadly according to an updated manual my mother board apparently does not support 8gs 4 sticks 2 gs each in dual channel at 1600mhz without giving BSD..In fact I do not even see any support for kits of 4 for some reason. I can however run fine if I lower the memory at 1333mhz.

I have already tried changing volts,updating bios(this actually allowed running the memory in dual channel at 1333mhz before it was impossible to run at any settings) self setting timings, etc. Any ideas on that? I really find it strange what memory is supported.

My question

I am wondering if it is better to stay with 8 gs/4 sticks in dual channel running at 1333mhz or Take a stick out and run 6 gs/3 sticks in triple channel at 1600mhz?

Note: I ran memtest+ for 1 day when I was gone. No errors reported. I will double check tonight but I am positive I ran memory at both 1333mhz and 1600mhz with no errors. I will have to check 1600mhz again to be sure.Error Code 0x0000007e . I honestly find that information irreverent because the manufacturer does not support this configuration of memory and I do not feel the desire to look for another reason for BSOD...

Windows 7 64bit

Any ideas on this would be appreciated greatly.
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  1. Will your motherboard actually RUN in triple channel, or does it back down to single channel?

    Either way, I'd say go with 8GB, since you have it - the difference between 1333Mhz and 1600Mhz is only going to show up in benchmarks, not in real life.
  2. More ram would probably be better. And 3 sticks should be flex mode, dual + single channel for you
  3. Flex mode? I doubt that. What is your reasoning it would operate in Flex mode? Am I miss understanding something?

    Motherboard supports triple channel I don't see any reason it would be in flex mode. Current 8 gs is reading in dual channel. I honestly have not even tried triple channel so you could be correct. I am at my office. I assumed it would work from the supported memory manual.

    I assumed 1333mhz vs 1600mhz is rather pointless however added in triple I had no idea. I will test to confirm it goes into triple. DarkSable you would recommend the dual 8gs 1333mhz? vs possible triple 6gs 1600mhz even if I never/rarely use more than say 5gs of ram? Granted I have gone above 6gs of ram from time to time..but not often. I been using 4gs for over 3-4years now
  4. behour said:
    I assumed 1333mhz vs 1600mhz is rather pointless however added in triple I had no idea. I will test to confirm it goes into triple. DarkSable you would recommend the dual 8gs? vs possible triple 6gs even if I never use more than say 5gs of ram?

    Well, honestly, either is going to be plenty and you probably won't notice a difference between any of these setups if you don't use more than 5GB of ram. That being said, I WOULD recommend using the 8GB setup, just so that you have it if you need it.
  5. This is the mobo right? 1156 is only dual channel, only 1366 was triple channel.
  6. Ah my mistake/apologizes I should of looked.. I completely forgot I was looking at my sons older computer/manual. I believe mine was the same 3 Formula but with Rampage in the name (could be mistaken).. It has 6 memory slots and I know it supports triple. I will check when I get home from work... Still puzzles me why it wont run at 1600mhz. Maybe I should try an actual Oc on memory.
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