Is the problem the SD card or my card reader?

Since I bought my nikon camera in a bundle kit I've been having issues with the data on my SD card. Im not sure if it's the SD, the card reader or maybe it's something I missed or didn't install. What happened this time is that I took like 600 pictures and and when I connected the card the imported started perfectly. After 50 or so files it wouldn't read them. So I ran "photorec_win", a program that lets you recover corrupted data from SD cards, HDD's, etc. But when the program is running and recovering pictures, and only then, the card gets virtually diconnected and connected again so I have to start the process of recovering again but when I try it the same happens.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. If you need further explanation just ask me and I will provide all the information
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  1. you mention "import(ed) started perfectly" when you connected the card... what did you connect the card to, exactly... was it still in the camera, or did u plug it into the card reader that was connected to the computer?

    what camera model, and what model card reader?

    do you have the same issues with another memory card?
  2. SD Card:

    Card Reader:

    The Camera is a Nikon D3200 and I got it in this combo:

    I plugged the SD card to the card reader and the card reader to the fron USB port on my case. This is my first camera ever and no other memory card have been used on this computer.

    EDIT: I already bought a card reader for the 3.5" bay 'cause I wanted one anyway and it was the last one in stock at only $7.57. It's this one but I have to wait a week or so for it to arrive
  3. you should be using either of the 2 Blue USB 3.0 connections on the back of your motherboard, with a USB 3.0 card reader that you plug into it

    and you should get the IR ML-L3 remote control
  4. Yeah I plan on getting the remote control but first I wanna get a battery grip.

    My card reader is usb 2.0 and it doesn't work on 3.0. If nothing gets solved I'll surely buy another memory card but I want to know why does it disconnect and connects again when I'm recovering the pictures. I'll search for a way to troubleshoot this issue
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    My point is... using USB 2 when your motherboard is capable of USB 3 is like driving a Mustang when there's a Corvette Z06 Carbon in the driveway. Don't even waste your time with 2.0, and that's exactly what you're doing - wasting time.

    I'm betting your reader is the issue - it fails at sustained data rates on USB 2 bus speeds.

    a quality unit reads all cards at maximum speeds, and don't cost a couple bucks.
  6. Just so you know I finally got the new card reader and it works lke a charm. I was able to recover the photos without a single problem.
  7. good to hear...
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