Gigabyte 7950 drivers causing crashes. Help.

After I install the drivers for my gigabyte 7950 my computer freezes in the windows boot logo upon restart. I'm not sure what to do, my computer works fine before I install the drivers.
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  1. Last week I put together a machine for a friend that got the parts for it.
    It was an ASUS 7870, but mind you, after I installed the latest drivers, it crashed as well. Not a single BIOS modification, simply installing drivers, and GPU tweak (didn't mod anything)

    The problem was that I installed the latest BETA driver. I had to solve the issue by safe mode deleting the driver and then use the 13.1 drivers.
    Maybe that's what happened to you.
  2. I downloaded the catalyst client from AMD's website. I'm fairly sure it didn't use the beta drivers. I also recieved the same crash using the driver disk that my Graphics card came with.
  3. Well that sucks, I cant really help you that much.
    I assume the build is new, right? Maybe if that's the case, installing the drivers makes the card stretch its legs with power consumption and your PSU of choice cant keep up. But really, im guessing here. Wait for further responses.
  4. I think that's fairly unlikely, if anything shouldn't the drivers improve its power use?
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