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hi again guys!

i am very interesting in buy this GPU... the reason is cose its low powwer consuption and it does not need an extra 6pin PCIE connector. i think is the best option for me... well my specs here:

CPU: phenom II 555 unlocked to X4 and OC at 3.655 GHz
MOBO: ASUS m5a88m
IGPU: raden hd 4250 OC 915 MHz (with latest drivers)
VGA monitor: viewsonic VA1938 for 1366x768
PSU: thermal master 550W, not real watts

but i have my doubts:
can i do an OC if i want to?
i have sold a pc with a 5570 and i couldn't play doom 3... an old game (i dont know if it was a driver failure or something) so with this GPU, can i play old games such as doom 3, splinter cell, silent hill 4, age of empires and emulators for NES, super NES, N64, and PS one?

and other thing, the geforce gt640 is better?? well the hd 7750 is 1GB GDDR5 version and the gt 640 is only in GDDR3...
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    the 7750 is better than the geforce gt640 by 42%

    yes you can play all those old games and emulators no worries.
  2. 7750 is faster than GT640 for your monitor. On higher resolution GT640 might be a bit better, but still 7750 is better choice for you considering price and needs and it will run those games.

    Cheers :)
  3. anything else i can assist you with?
  4. thank you very much guys :D...

    well i think OC is not important right now, but wonder if its posible to do... it would be just a little in the processor i guess the seller told me it is the gigabyte version the one who says OC, my case is cooled by up to two 12" coller master fan @ 2000RPM but theme works fine for my actual config (if not use at least one the pc turns off while i plaing :P) so they could help to lower the temp if i OC it

    by the way i cannot use the hybrid crossfire with this series, right?
  5. no you can't use hybrid cross fire with your set up...

    be sure to pass on the solution love!
  6. ok i will trust you guys, thank you a lot and i hop i could choose you two for best answers... but sometimes life's unfair XD
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