Question on 7870 LE Card on heat and Multiple monitor outputs / tv setup?

Ok I just recently built my rig and picked up the powercolor 7870 myst Tahiti LE version and have a few questions.

I have a dual monitor setup (24") with 1 being a gaming monitor and another being a IPS monitor. When I play i only play on the gaming monitor and leave the 2ndary monitor as the work/browse monitor. Ive been wanting to connect my computer to my panasonic 50" 1080P tv, but its across the room and I find it a hassle to disconnect the computer just to move it where the tv is just to game. So the only solution I can think of is getting a 25ft HDMI cable and run along with the 25ft ethernet cable thats already nailed across the floor board.

The 7870 only has 1 hdmi output, 1 dvi output and 2 displayport. Monitor 1 uses hdmi and monitor 2 uses dvi, so how should I connect my plasma to it? Should I get a hdmi to dvi adapter and connect the monitor hdmi to that and then into the graphics card?

The connection between the pc to tv will actually be connected to my sony sound bar reciever, so if i have that connected to my graphics card will the card always be powering both monitors and receivers at the same time and affect the performance? Should i invest in a switch?

Also bout the heat this card produces.... I knew i was gonna be getting a hot card but this card gets HOT. Ive overclocked the card with after burner on stock voltage and upped the core to 1200mhz and memoryclock to 1625MHZ and been playing tomb raider on ultra/ultimate. Game runs smooth but on the 2ndary monitor I monitor the temps and I see the card getting up to 80 degrees C. I decided to manually put the fan to 100% for about 30min and the temps only went down to 75 maybe 73 Celsius until my g/f complained it was too loud. I have a diablotek evo case that came with 4 120mm fans. Could it be cause the card is in a smaller case to make it that hot or am i looking at something normal with this card? Oh and every other temp is normal in the case.

Anyways Thanks for the help!
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  1. no answer yet.

    But I went ahead and bought the hdmi 25ft hdmi cable and bought a hdmi to mini displayport adapter for that monitor and plugged all 2 monitor and tv (actually plugged into the sound bar receiver) in but already seeing problems.

    So I am unable to get all 3 screens to work at the same time. Its only letting me do 2 at a time and have to switch 1 of the active montiors out if I want to use the screen on the tv. I don't plan on triple screen the whole time but when I have the tv displaying the pc I still would like it to configure as the 3rd screen.

    Also when I attempted to run tomb raider on my plasma my computer bluescreened/crash. What can cause that?
  2. Get yourself a 2 port hdmi switch. Probably cheapest and easiest way to run it. Then you just hit the button for whichever you want the output to go to.
  3. I thought about that route.

    But if the card can handle 3 screen (not being used all the time) then why doesn't it work
  4. Are you accidentally trying to merge the screens? Or do you have it set to duplicate displays? I know duplicating displays can sometimes cause errors when using monitors and tv's especially when they are different resolutions.
  5. its set to merge screen.

    Also, I realized the 2nd monitor im using while im waitin for my benQ 24" gaming monitor in the mail, is using a VGA to DVI adapter cuz its a older LCD monitor with only VGA output. Could that older adapter (from 2007-08) be causing eye infinity not to work?
  6. It might be the vga but i would lean more towards the merge screen part. You are trying to merge what i assume is most likely a larger tv with a different resolution to two monitors that are probably closer to each others resolutions. I bet if you unplugged your dvi cables and plugged just a straight hdmi into your tv it probably works correct? While you can use odd resolutions to mix and match I have personally had more problems even using an old 24inch lcd at 1920x1200 and 2 x 1920x1080 screens than its worth. I recommend disabling the monitors when you want to use the tv and disabling the tv when you want to use just the monitors. Probably a hassle but thats the best solution i can think of off hand.
  7. Hi lreyes66,

    I have the same card in my work computer. You'll need to get an active mini-displayport adapter to get three screens running at once. If you still have your VGA monitor, then you can get just about any mini-dp to VGA adapter (they are all active). If you want a DVI or HDMI adapter, however, you'll need to make sure it is active. There are several on Newegg for around $24. Seeing as how your TV is across the room, though, the HDMI splitter may be your best bet. You just won't have the use of your HDMI monitor when you've got the TV connected. Also, a VGA adapter won't work in conjunction with a mini-dp to DVI adapter. This is because the mini-dp will only send the digital signal to the DVI, so there will be no analog signal for the VGA to handle. Good luck!

    Here's an article with some background info. It's a bit dated, but still informative:
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