How to INSTALL a grpahic card

My computer Has HP 945GCT-HM motherboard
I Have

the above mentioned graphics card is what i have
so i called a technician to install it
what he did was he put it in the pci-e x16 slot and connected the monitor with it
and he started the computer
the cpu was running but there was no display it is pure black on the screen
so the guy took it to his office and put it on his computer and the graphics card works very good he even played assasin creed with it
after making some calls he said that i have a specific motherboard named(HP 945GCT-HM) and that specific thing accepts only DDR2 Graphic cards
SO i am not rich and i cant just throw away the card asked the guy to inform if anyone needs a graphic card
So i think someone can help me in this forum to make it work on the system
Additional details
Proceesor : Intel Pentium Dual core E2160@1.8Ghz
(im unable to overclock it cuz theres no option in the bios)
so i have the worst cpu in the world and could could you help me run atleast some games in it with a grpahic card

(Will Someone Exchange it FOR A DDR2 graphic card)
The very important thing is that i have a 250w psu only but the guy said that even a 250w psu could run the card even if it requires a 350w
is it true or thats the issue
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  1. update your mobo's bios to latest.

    your psu is fine
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    That "technician" doesn't know what he's talking about (and based on what you say he told you, I hesitate to even count him as one). The motherboard has no way of even knowing what type of video memory is used on the card, and running a video card with an inadequate power supply won't work, and can even be dangerous. An HD 5450 calls for a 300 W psu with 22 amps on the +12V rail, and a 250W psu can't push more than about 20 amps on a +12V rail even with no other load. Replace your psu with one from Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, or XFX with at least 300W, and the card should work.
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