Black Ops 2 Started Crashing today

I have been playing BLOPS2 for about 2-3 months now on PC and have had zero problems until today. My PC has a AMD 965 Phenom II with a HD6870 and it has been running flawlessly for over 18 months on Windows 7 64bit. I am also running on catalyst version 13.1.

In the middle of game play my screen will freeze (with no distortion) and I get strong, strong static on the speakers instantly. ALT+TAB or CTRL+ALT+DEL do not respond. The only way to exit is via reboot. I ran chkdsk and had zero errors so the hard drive appears to be good.

Has Treyarch released any updates recently? Is anyone having similar problems? I am looking for advice as to what of may have caused this.

It occurs 100% of the time a few minutes into gameplay but it totally random. I thought it was the result of hitting the TAB key to view the game stats but it has happened in other sections of the game as well.
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    Try verifying game cache, right click Black Ops 2 multiplayer on Steam, click on properties, local files tab, verify integrity game cache, If that doesn't work, try reinstalling the game.
  2. Thank you for recommending to check the game cache. I was not aware of that option. Unfortunately it did not work.

    I tried a few more things today:
    1.) Performed a system restore from a week ago
    2.) Used a different video card (HD4870)
    3.) Updated the drivers
    None of them worked

    I tried playing other video games and had no issues.
    I also tried playing the original Black Ops from 2 years ago and it did not crash either.

    However with the HD4870 I got an error message to surface that I did not before.

    Same symptoms:
    Screen freezes
    Loud static comes over the speakers
    Then this screen surfaced:

    Right now I am attempting to reinstall BLOPS2.
    Steam did have an update a few days ago.
    I am wondering if that created driver issues for the HD4000 and HD6000 series of video cards.

    Any ideas?

    My previous screenshot revealed the issue. At the bottom of the screen a dxgmms1.sys file was listed. When I did a search on it I kept seeing video card drivers and sound drivers being referenced.

    I found a messageboard which referenced trying a full clean install with the link to AMD's instructional site. When I did that one of the things it cleared was the sound driver. After doing a reinstall everything worked again. I have played 4 full games of BLOPS2 now with zero crashes. I am pretty confident this issue is now fixed.

    Apparently something I installed or some issue occurred which corrupted the driver. A full clean install worked and I am happily playing again.
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