Gateway MIDWAY 4000888; Intel Corporation D865GLC board AAC28705-409 POST stalls on cold boot.

Gateway E 4100 Mid-Tower mfg 11/13/2005 with above model number and motherboard installed.

EDIT: Removed non-essential details

New Corsair XT650 psu installed, replacing original Gateway unit, 250 watts.

EDIT: Removed non-essential detail.

Push power button on on system, green light on, dvd's light up, and case fan runs continuously. LCD monitor power button is on, but stays yellow when POST stalls. No display will appear. Force-quit will take 3-4 seconds to shut unit down.

Second attempt at start-up will always result in successful POST, monitor display has Gateway BIOS screen and then boot into Windows.

System standby will shut the system down, but power-on from standby will result in exactly the same scenario as above except the case fan only runs for 2 seconds and then shuts off. System power button remains yellow, and a continuous high-pitched whistle is heard. Whistle stops when unit is shut down.

Force-quit results in same 3-4 second delay in shut-off.

BIOS version is original, 2004 date.

I've tried hibernate once, and that worked that one time.

Opened the system case to watch for led lights, and when POST fails, I have a flashing red led at the bottom of the board, flashing periodic at about 1 second; this means steady illuminate 1 second, off, on 1 second, etc.

If POST is good, then red led light flashes once, then steady on for about 2 seconds, then goes off.

This light is located just below the last pci slot on the board.

EDIT: Removed non-essential detail.

All the above only occurs when POST stalls.

Rebooting the system is not a problem; flawless there.

EDIT: Removed non-essential details.

BTW, the second EIDE drive mounted as a primary slave (CS) is reporting a spin-up time of around 10 seconds. Is this normal, and could this adversely affect POST operation? The other boot drive takes only 2, so...

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  1. Really sorry about the long post! New here, so to the point.

    What is the red led for and why is it flashing on POST stall?
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