pc clicking noise on boot and stuck at loading operating system

Hi, my pc have a recurring issue where it will click exactly 8 times all the time and nothing shows up on the screen (i have checked the fans on the cpu, gpu, psu are running) when i tried to reboot. Now it just seems to get worse as it happens almost everytime. I tried unplugging the hdd and dvd drive and its the same.

But that isnt the end of it, if i manage to not get the dreaded 8 clicks, i am stuck at the loading operating system... screen forever, i cant f8 or anything. Please help!
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  1. It's a faulty hdd, the needle arm is broken from its spindle and is unable to read the inforamtion from the disk.

    You will need a replacement hdd, you might be able to recover some data files from the faulty hdd if used as an external hdd and the data is copied to your new hdd but you won't be able to recover the OS. It's only a possibility and it might be that the faulty hdd is totally faulty and any data recoverywould not be possible.
  2. An update, I got past the loading operating system issue by reinstalling windows and everything seems to be fine so far.

    To TenPc, I don't think its the hdd thats faulty as you can refer to what I posted that by unplugging the hdd I still get the clicking noise.
  3. The clicking noise will get worse, you might find yor system crashing often or games closing suddenly, and eventually you won't be able to boot to the hdd.

    Hard drives are not supposed to make clicking noises apart from the read/write of data on a drive that is fragmented, or where the volume is near to capacity.
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