Recom PSU needs 2 x 6pin PCI power adapter

Hi all

I'm currently planning to upgrade my graphics card in my PC. However a few years back I bought a Recom Power Engine 550w plus PSU. This PSU only has 1 6pin PCI power cable. The XFX HD7950 I want to buy needs ofcourse 2 x 6pin PCI power cables.

I've read online that it is possible to buy a sata to PCI Power adapter. However I've also read that the Sata to PCI power adapter needs to output the correct amperes.

I'm not really into electricity stuff so could you guys please help me out? Should I buy that adapter for only a few dollars or should I upgrade (again) to a newer/better PSU?


Graphics card:

Example of such an adapter:

Thanks in advance for any help!

Kind regards
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  1. Don't go with that PSU, i'm not sure of it's capabilites, and there is no review on net (or i'm blind). Good 550W PSU's come SLI ready so you would have two 6 pin connectors.

    For 7950 you'll need something that can provide more than 30 amp's on 12 V rail, probably less depending on your CPU. In words 500W quality PSU.
    Something like this.

    But no need to hurry, I'm sure guys will come up with lot of good recomendations you should consider.

    Cheers :)
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