GE60 0ND - normal temperature for an older game?

I have myself a new GE60 0ND laptop
i7 3630QM - 2.5ghz - turbo 3.4 ghz

I'm playing at 1080p, x8 forced AA, x8 supersampling, x16 anisotropic filtering and it's a constant 70 degrees... Wasn't expecting that kind of temperature for such an old game..

Temperature - 70 degree
FPS - 30-40 thought I'd get atleast 60 :( (considering notebookcheck states 40 fps for Borderlands 2 ultra, a bit unsettling)

I'm not the greatest with technology as I've only just become interested in PC gaming (well aware of laptops for gaming but it fills my gaming needs but also my universit needs, architectural technology student)

My question, which these somewhat decent specs, is this a normal temperature? Or is it with all the overriden settings with Nvidia control panel.
I'm worried as I was expecting through benchmark videos of Far Cry to play this on high settings 720p, but if it can't handle mass effect 2 on 1080p, can't imagine the temperatures for Far Cry 3 the hardware destoyer.
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  1. NVIDIA are notorious for running hot but 70c is a pretty standard temperature for most laptops, I would suggest never play games with it on your lap as your clothes will cover vent holes and make the situation worse. Also for about £15 you can buy cooling plates that you rest the laptop on and they have a fan that directs air into the vents to help cool the laptop better. I have never opened a laptop and seen more than 1 fan. Also the fans they usually put in them are only about 45mm which is pretty tiny considering how much is packed under the keyboard of the high spec systems these days!

    In short, 70c is not a worrying temp
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