Picking a graphics card for new build?

I was looking at three cards gtx titan, gtx 690, and amd 7970. money is not an issues for this build. I will running a triple monitor set up for gaming so i was leaning more towards the titan, but i am not a fan boy of navidia or amd i like both equally.
So what i am asking is witch one should i go for or should i just wait a little longer for the next set of cards to hit the market?
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  1. For one card: Titan.

    Did you think about using two cards? You could get 2 7970s. Typically multiple monitor gaming = multiple GPUs.
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    Next set of cards wont be that much powerful compared to a titan.
    So if money not an issue focus on maximize performance
    Get one titan now, Wait for 6 -9month price will go down then get another SLI them and your in heaven :)
  3. I have thought about it but i am aware that running crossfire or sli some time can cause problems when it comes to gaming. But this is why i am here to see what some other people might recommend.
  4. The 7990 has been setting the back of my mind as well because of it being dual gpu and having 6 gigs of ram.
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