Battlefield 3 directx 11 error.

I have now been playing BF3, for a about a month or 2, and lately when i am in-game for about 5 min, it crashes because of some directx problems. I have litteraly tried anything, i have updated my drivers, reinstalled BF3 twice, reinstalled all NVIDIA drivers, i have actually updated my entire computer, checked for errors, but my computer show no sign of failure. I looked it up on battlelog forum, and as far as i can tell, quite a lot have problems with Directx 11.

Could my GFX be broken?


GFX: GTX 660 ti
CPU: i5 3570K
MB: P8Z77-V LX
8 gb ram
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  1. Reinstall direct x and monitor temperature with afterburner shouldn't exceed 80c on load Also this could be a power supply issue aswell. make sure cables fitted properly and your psu is a good brand capable powering your system.
  2. Would ASUS gpu tweak work?
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