Hp Pavillion g7 female power button motherboard connection broke off

So the title sums it up I was cleaning out the laptop and the female power button connector on the motherboard broke off and I need help as soon as possible thank you all in advance I can post pictures if needed
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  1. I'm thinking a picture will be very helpful here but I did note that you have a power daughter board which is inexpensive and seemingly easy to replace
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    Wow, ouch, that's not what I was thinking... There are reports of people simply taping the ribbon cable in place in that situation although I personally would at least like to see a wedge (of paper or...) or some other method of ensuring the cable stay in place with good contact. Tape or hot glue have been used in the past successfully as options. I don't think I would recommend replacement (unless you're a soldering wiz) due to the proximity of other components there. Alternatively, you could simply purchase an identical motherboard (the more expensive yet easier way out).
    Hope it helps
  3. where could i buy another motherboard for this
  4. Dylan0g said:
    where could i buy another motherboard for this

    I would look on Ebay or other on-line source - preferably you can find new or at least one with a guarantee of some sort
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