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i currently have g skill ripjaws x 8gb 12800cl10d ram at 1600mhz. how well does this ram clock and is it worthwhile doing???
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  1. I got those rams
    They can do 1866MHz @ 1.5v 11-11-11-30 timing
    its not worth overclocking, because very little gain and doesn't improve computing to a noticeable level.
  2. cheeers all give a bash at those timings see how i get on
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    Raise voltage a little bit and you can do DDR3-1866 9-11-10-28 1.60V or 1.65V.

    Thank you
  4. Always Keep the volt low preferably 1.5 and don't go over 1.65v Sandy/Ivy IMC doesn't like anything above that and can create problem so normally 1.5v is recommended. If necessary loosen the timing without increasing volt. Every memory modules overclock differently some gives more some little less.
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