xspc 750 dual pump/res

hello does anyone know if the above pump/res combo will be enough to pump around the following

240mm slim rad
120mm thick 47mm rad
cpu block
gpu block
200mm phobya rad

thnx in advance
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  1. edit thought was differant set up...it may be enough let me research some
  2. not sure i currently have 2 x xspc 750 pump/res in my system one for the cpu and 1 for the gpu but was hoping i could reduce it to 1 pump and free up my drive bays but wasnt sure if 1 pump on its own would be enough to pump thru all the rads etc and keep temps low
  3. you said dual pump and bay whic it is not...its a dual bay but single pump...you want a dual pump set up for that many rads
  4. yeah but it fits in a dual bay, so just leave it as a 2 loop system the 240 and 120 rad for gpu and the 200mm for the cpu then
  5. oh i missed you had two of them..i'll be quiet now...yeah that is enough.
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