My laptop doesn't recognize my external hard drive


My western Digital of 1tb isn't getting recoginized by my laptop. Before, when i plug in my HD the icon for CD drive comes up in my computer and than my HD file. However now, only the CD drive icon comes up not my HD one.

The icon for safely remove it appears but i can't open the actual HD

When I went to Disk Managment, I couldn't see my HD on the list above, where there is volume layout..etc. It does however appear at the bottom list as: Disk 1 Unkown, 931.51GB Not Initialized. The icon next to the Disk 1 shows a HD and a little red arrow pointing downwards. I thought maybe if I initialize it, it would work. So when I click on MBR(master boot record) and click OK it says the media is write protected. What do I do? I have my art work in there and I really need it for my showreel!!

Please Help!!!
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  1. Hi :)

    Try it in ANOTHER machine...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Hey, I tried that but it still has the same problem!!
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