Benefit from small solid state drives just for the os and how?

Hey guys I'm new (I'll try and make this quick)

Basically I've come to the conclusion that what I probably want for an upgrade is an ssd I've been looking at 512gb ssd's to put everything on but I was wondering why 64gb ssd's were so popular, and my question is would it be practical to buy a small ssd just for the os if I was experiencing slowness when opening programs such as chrome or playing games?
And if so how exactly would that work surely if files that weren't on the ssd would not benefit from the ssd?

Initially thought it could be the ram as usage was almost always 100%
(Read an article on when a ram upgrade is and isn't useful I'm in the isn't group)

Pretty recent Gigabyte motherboard
Amd fx 4100
gtx 460 (768mb)
4gb ram (3.25gb usable)
current hard drive Seagate ST500DM0 02-1BC142
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    Well 64 GB would cover a bit more than the bare essentials of the OS: it could hold some commonly used programs and games also. If you store date of any kind (pics, music, etc) you'll certainly need to retain that second HDD for that. The 64 GB crowd is more or less those looking for the "entry level" SSD experience with just enough for the essentials without spending a ton on a larger SSD. If you can afford a larger SSD, that would give you more headroom. Keep in mind it's best to leave a bit of free space on the drive.
  2. I'd recommend against it. Unless you are quite an astute windows users that 64GB would be full in weeks. And given the rest of your specs, I'd be looking for improvemnts elsewhere.
  3. Ahh I see thank you I just didn't understand why people would make an investment on such little space.
  4. JackNaylorPE said:
    given the rest of your specs, I'd be looking for improvemnts elsewhere.

    Such as?
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