PC making wierd sound and then freezes for 10sec

So i will tell what happens

1) Im doing usual stuff in pc (games, software,browser)
2)My pc makes wierd sound, like when i turn it on, then after 3 sec or so it freezes for 10sec, then goes back to normal.

This happens randomly, i think. I can still move my mouse thou.
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  1. do you hear the sound comming from inside the chassis or the speakers? could be the power supply
  2. no from my tower, its like a disk starts turning, when i turn on pc , and speakers wouldnt freeze pc , would it?
  3. sry by tower i mean my pc case, hope you understand
  4. some disk drives will fail and not respond to the user and will keep spinning up trying to read the disk causing explorer to freeze, maybe try disconnecting the disk drive
  5. also try checking inside the chassis and make sure the fans are spinning freely and try to locate the noise..
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