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I was able to damage my computer CPU...two of the prongs got bend and broke(my own fault)

If I replace original CPU with new but exactly same type and model then do I need to do any thing else except just put power on and all works ??
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  1. No, but apply new thermal paste.
  2. If you can find the matching CPU it should work. Re-install the heat sink properly (of course) and it's a good idea to wipe off the old thermal paste and re-apply before installing the cooler.

    What CPU is this? It must be a modern AMD chip or an older Intel chip from before they moved the pins to the motherboard socket. Getting the exact match should guarantee compatibility with the motherboard but something similar might work depending on the board. If you go to the board maker's site there should be a CPU Compatibility list you can check against.
  3. Go to your motherboard makers website and look up compatible cpu types. You might as well get the quickest chip you can that will work on your motherboard if its not much more $$$ than the one you were using.
  4. Well our computer what my wife is using is old Gateway E400 using Intel Pentium4 Marking in CPU is 3.06GHZ/512/533 L305A679-0363

    I'm not very good and computers and that is why I didn't know(dummy me) that there is release lever on base and I tried to put CPU back wiht out releasing lever open....

    I was just wanted to replace paste due to a fan problem few weeks ago I was thinking that paste on CPU got overheated and it didn't work as it should.
  5. Pentium 4 is a very old model of CPU indeed using socket 478. This appears to be the model in question

    They haven't made this model of CPU in many moons so your only source for a replacement will be a used CPU (ebay?)
  6. I did find this from CWC

    Do you think this is correct?
  7. Actually, correction: It's also on the Amazon marketplace
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    94ONLYSS said:
    I did find this from CWC

    Do you think this is correct?

    It looks like the same CPU though the Amazon price is lower (Amazon will likely provide better support if needed also)
  9. Thanks

    Amazon saves me few $

    I did wanted to update our system but I don't have anything saved so I take easy way and just but same original CPU so I don't need to do any program updates etc.
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