how to add a second SSD to PC not for boot??

i bought a second SSD (Samsung 840 pro 256G) for programs and games,
first SSD also Samsung 830 64G, i have installed operation system to it (windows 7 64-bit), the motherboard is asus P8Z68-Pro GEN3, also i had 3 HHD
for data.
i want to install that second SSD 265G to my computer, i have tried to connect it in gray sata port, blue ports but no way to start it in window (only massage from windows tell me that new SSD is installed successfully!!!) it dosnt show in my computer but i can see it in BIOS!!!
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    You must format the drive (it ships blank without any file system on it). Does the drive show up in the Disk Management console? Right-click Computer, select Manage and to to "Disk Management" in the window that comes up. Look for an un-formatted drive and right-click, then select "new simple volume," follow the wizard to format the drive.
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