Can transfer data from RAID0 HHDs to another HD?

I have 2 hard drives with raid0 connected to SATAII0 and SATAII1.
Can I plug in another hard drive (not in raid, have also OS on it) to another SATA or even to IDE, boot from it to Windows, and transfer data from the raid0 drivers to the new hard drive?
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  1. That should work, if the other windows has the exact same raid drivers.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    What do you mean by "the exact same raid drivers"?
    I'm just plugging another HD with Windows 7 for example and boot from it. Im not touching on the raid0 HDs (they are plugged at the same SATA order).
    the Windows will recognize those hard drives?
  3. Assuming you are using the mobos sata ports, it is a software raid and so you need the sata raid drivers. Without the driver, the disks will show as unknown or raw file system.
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