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I was curious as if anyone has any knowledge on the new gtx titan as far as gpu rendering. How does it perform when compared to some quadro's and tesla's for gpu rendering. Also maybe how it would compare to a gtx 680 or 690 in gpu rendering as well.
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  1. What type of rendering? Some just require a quadro. An optimized quadro app will run cirlces around a gtx. But most non professionals don't use those apps though.
  2. For GPGPU CUDA rendering, only a Tesla K20 or a Quadro K6000 (both around $4000) will match (not surpass) Titan's capabilities. So from that point of view, the Titan is a bargain.

    The main advantage of the Titan against other GeForce cards is its 6GB of RAM. The more memory the more complex the scene you can load on the card.

    For OpenCL based renderers (like LuxRender) the Radeon 7970 with 6GB is much better than the Titan. Nvidia cards don't do OpenCL right. They're optimized for CUDA.

    For OpenGL (mostly when it comes the interaction with 3D models ans scenes in most pro apps), the Quadro and Firepro are better than any GeForce or Radeon.
  3. You should read this article:,3474.html

    It tests the Titan, 680, 580, 7970 and 6970 in professional tasks. What is faster depends on the application. And surprisingly, Nvidia cards do beat the 7970 in OpenCL some of the time, while losing badly other times. Clearly drivers are not optimized for these tasks.
  4. I'm pretty sure the Titan has very early drivers yet.

    I'm positive Radeons have bad drivers, as usual. :-(
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