Laptop won't connect to Wifi. Endless connecting, identifying, no internet access

I have 1 laptop that won't connect/stay connected to the wifi at home. A few days ago this problem arose when it suddenly dropped internet connected (although all over devices are connected just fine and with stable connection) and I would have to unplug the modem and the router and it will connect again.

Once the modem and router came back on and all the other devices have connected just fine and are working, I check on the laptop and it connects for like 2 mins and it drops connection again. Now it won't even make a connection to the Wifi. It just endlessly cycles between searching for the network (which it does see), to trying to connect to it, and then limited access/no internet access, and then it starts over again with the searching for network.
When I run the troubleshoot actions and prompts, it says that I should investigate the modem/router and reset via unplug and restart them which I do.

I've reset and restarted the router and modems, but same thing happens again and again. I've factory reset the laptop, but it still does not connect to the Wifi.

When I run ipconfig, nothing about the IP/DNS comes up. So I guess it's just not getting a connection at all?

The laptop is an Asus u56e RAL9 on Windows 7. I'm on a DLink 655 router and Motorola sb6121 modem.

Please advise what else should be done. I think I have a month or so warranty left on the laptop, but not sure if it is a hardware issue or just an issue on networking on my part.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. navigate to "network and sharing center" then o nthe left side, click "change adapter settings", right click the wireless device, select disable and enable... if that doesn't work, go get driver via usb via another computer that can access internet
  2. When you say get driver via usb - does that mean update it? It's already up to date according to the Asus download support site
  3. boosted1g said:
    Take your laptop to a place nearby with free wifi access and connect to it so we can be able to tell if the laptop has a problem connecting to any network, or a problem connecting to your network

    Saame Problem

    My problem is connected to wifi but no access to internet...
  4. I've had a similar problem and I've found a very odd solution. Instead of running the troubleshooter via the wireless icon, I run the trouble shooter from the control panel. Open Control panel, go to Find and fix problems, and use the connect to internet troubleshooter there. Oddly it works for me and it might work for you too.
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