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Good Temperature Monitoring Program?

Just got done with my first build and am really paranoid about it's temperature, especially during gaming.

Do you know a good temperature monitoring program or anything to monitor my temps in my Computer?

As far as cooling goes I have a NZXT Phantom 410 with the stock intel fan (i5-3570k) and a GTX 670 in the shroud design. Is this good? The case has a 3 channel fan controller.
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    I personally like HWmonitor

    Works well and is fast. I have it set not to monitor my hard drive because it was preventing idle spin down.
  2. Hardware monitor is good. I personally like aida64.

  3. edogawa said:
    Hardware monitor is good. I personally like aida64.

    Image snip

    Sure seems to show more :)

    Since you have some 2tb WDC greens. How quiet are they? Is the head parking feature very slow to recover from? The last green I had was a 1TB and my 2tb black is just hot and loud for nothing in my case(because I have ssd's now).
  4. i like coretemp for my cpu or if i want to check my system temp i use hwmonitor
  5. I don't even hear them ever unless I am doing heavy disk transfers.

    Black is quiet unless I play games, but even then it's not very loud.

    Only thing that makes noise is the H100 in push/pull.
  6. My back 640's made no sound at all, did not even vibrate, then I got my 2TB one and boy on spinup(think it is a 4 platter job or something) does it make it self known. It also seeks rather loud(not old 40gig loud tho), but this is in a rather quiet system.

    I am half tempted to pop a red into my media center(I currently have a 1tb wdc blue notebook drive in that system for storage) to see how quiet it is. I do not need speed(It has a small 128 gigabyte M4 for windows and programs), just space.

    Back on topic. sorry op.
  7. I got HWmonitor, but my question is what should my temps be for the CPU and the GPU while gaming and while idle?
  8. 30-40 idle 50-60 for most games for most cpus, some will be lower others may be a bit hotter(My 2600K @ 4.4 running folding@home gets to about 63 peak dead idle is the high 20's low 30s. You can see my media center in the image. I am not even sure how it stays that "cool"[the video card is a bit warmer at load due to the low fan speed] being a SFF case.).

    Video cards vary quite a bit. but as long as they stay under 80-90(closer to 80 for your card) most cards are fine.
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