New Build, No Bios, No Video, HELP PLZ.

build specs:

gigabyte z77 g3h
i7 3770k
geforce 550 ti
180gb intel ssd
asus cd/rw burner
rosewill wireless card
windows 8

I built the whole system, and had it ALMOST fully functioning. I had the operating system installed, and got it to boot to the desktop. The cd burner worked, the wireless card got me online, everything worked except for the video card (fan spins, but no video output).

i tried running the geforce java driver updater, it did not recognize the card. I tried manually installing the drivers from the website, it still did not recognize the card.

I deleted&uninstalled the onboard drivers from the add/remove programs screen, and changed the video settings on the bios to run from the pci-e instead of the onboard video, hoping the motherboard would recognize the geforce card, it did not.

consequently i lost all video. The bios doesnt come on, and i get a beep code, 1 long 3 short. any advice would be most excellent, the community here has yet to dissapoint. Thanks in advance!
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More about build bios video plz
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    First step would be to remove the video card from the PCI-e slot, then reset the bios by shorting the bios reset pins (clr_cmos, looks like its on the bottom right edge of your board). Make sure you unplug the power first, the short the jumper....about 10 seconds. This will send the pc back to default, and will boot from the integrated on-board video. After the system is able to boot, you should try the external card in another pc to see if it is working or damaged. From there you can work out a solution.
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