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I am currently trying to decide between the Asus GTX 670 4gb and Asus GTX 6802gb to replace my old Graphics card They are similarly priced and was wondering which would be a better choice, the 4gb with the slower clock speed (by less than 100mhz or the lower memory and the higher clock speed. I play many kinds of games but my bread and butter would definitely be MMOs,
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  1. Just overclock them both. But I dont really know the difference between 670 4gb and 680 2gb. You'd have to ask someone else/make a thread saying 670 vs 680. But that 100mhz is easily attainable by overclocking them
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    OK... Clock rate is not come all and go all for GPUs.

    1. The GTX680 has more CUDA cores for one.
    2. Despite that its not worth the price to go for the GTX680, its VERY overpriced and a GTX670 is within 10% of its performance AT STOCK.
    3. If you are not gaming at a massive resolution, then the extra 2GB of VRAM is pointless and a waste of money.

    4. AMD has better options. The HD7970 GHZ edition is FASTER AND CHEAPER than the GTX680. Hell you can go for a normal HD7970, OC it to a GHZ edition(its the same card, just different clockrates) and still pay less than a GTX670 AND have a faster card than the GTX680.
  3. I agree with cravin.
    Plus, another tip.
    1080p gaming can barely saturate 2gb on max, 4gb is for multimonitor.
    If you ask me, I'd get the 670 which proved to be the best value on the nvidia side this generation, but dont worry about memory, 2gb is enough for 1080p: you have to priorize the cooling solution, because overclocking will be your friend.

    And if it comes to overclockin, I honestly prefer the amd side, although both are quite good at it. Just an opinion c:
    Hope you enjoy your card of choice :)
  4. I'd personally also go for amd, unless you need cuda. For things like video editing with adobe creative suite you might need it, but for general gaming amd totally wins
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