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Hey everyone,

As the title suggests, I am looking for the best gaming laptop for under $700. Hoping to be able to play the latest games (obviously not at max), like Starcraft 2, Civilization series, some FPS's, etc.

No, building a desktop is not an option as I will be on the road often for work, and am looking for a portable option to be able to use for work (web surfing and document editing) as well as use it for entertainment while on the road (gaming). Unfortunately I can not go above $700. Forgive me if there is a similar post already (I was not able to find one with the price range).

Any suggestions? Thank you!
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  1. Acer V3-571G-53214G75Makk Core i5-3210M (NX.RZLSA.002-C77) 15.6", Windows 8, 4GB RAM, 750GB, NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M 2GB - *$668.00
  2. gaming laptops with decent mobile gpu's start at 1200$ although there are some sales on now for a lenuovo at 999$ other than that id say dive into the risky world of ebay's used stuff.
  3. Thank you for the quick responses!
    oddlyinsane The Acer looks pretty nice for the price, and would be able to run some of the games I am looking to play. However I can't seem to find the link

    ARICH5 I totally understand where you're coming from, but I'm not willing to take a risk on ebay. As I've stated, I'm by no means looking to max out games on this machine, I just want to be able to play them.

  4. Which sites are you willing to buy from?
  5. I'm not particular on any sites as long as they are trusted. I've mostly purchased from Amazon and Newegg in the past, but I'm not partial.
  6. Acer Aspire V3-571G-6622 15.6-Inch Laptop from Amazon for $630. Comes with a 730M which i think would equate to a 640M.
  7. Do you think I should try for a 17+ inch laptop? Now that I'm thinking about it 15.6 might be too small. Suggestions?
  8. Is it worth going with a custom laptop? Anymore suggestions are welcome! :D
  9. NixPCFix said:
    Is it worth going with a custom laptop? Anymore suggestions are welcome! :D

    Hi :)

    Not with that small a budget... not unless you add $1000

    All the best Brett :)
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