What Graphics Card Should I Buy?

My Processor can handle and Graphics card so dont worry about bottlenecking.
Its an I7... I have 12 Gigs of Ram so im good in that department as well.
However Im a bit curious as too my motherboard being able to support a new card.
My Motherboard is listed as an X58 ( Alienware X58 ) Im not sure what it can handle.
I would love to go out and buy 2 top of the line graphics cards but im not sure if my motherboard is good enough or if its compatable.
I do use 3 monitors 2 1600x900 and 1 1920x1080.
2 20 inch monitors and 1 23 inch monitor if that matters.
I am currently running 2 AMD Radeon 6990's 1GB Each.
So I would like a Graphics card suggestion and To know if it would be compatable
My Power supply MIGHT be a problem with the cards but if anything I could buy a new one.
Its a 525 W Power supply I believe so im not sure how it runs what it has now but ill look into that.
The graphics card price range In total would probably TOP out at 400$.
Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Well if you can i'd probably jump on a 7970 if you can still keep that within your budget. Probably the best deal single card around price wise. 525w might still be enough to handle a 7970 but i'm not entirely sure as i don't own one myself. Starting to cut it a bit close which is where the 6xx series might fit in better so depending on the psu and its actual output rating. With 3 monitors i'd recommend the amd because of a bigger bus provided you use eyefinity. If only using one monitor to game then I don't think it really matter amd or nvidia both would suffice.
  2. SWEET GOD, upgrade that PSU ASAP before you do anything! I don't know how it hasn't exploded or burned the house down yet. 2 6990s are very powerful (and power hungry). 2 6990s would still be considered very high end even today.

    However, are you sure that you really have 2x 6990 1GB? I wouldn't think that they'd make such a card with that little memory.

    As far as upgrading goes, you can't really go much further than that. You have 4 chips in CFX. You can't do much better for $400 I don't think. $500 may be a different story because you could CF some 7950s or something, but that may not be much of an upgrade but a power saver, plus CF could have some issues.

    I would personally wait for the 8xxx/7xx series of cards to come out before doing anything. If you're not happy with 2 dual GPU cards then something's wrong. :p
  3. mostly you need new psu.what is the name of psu?
  4. The thing is I would obviously take out the 2 6990s and then install the 1 card which would out perform the 2 6990s.. I would probably get a 7970 with 3 Gigs + of VRam or something like that and it should be able to handle it right?
  5. yes it will able to handle it right as you already has 2x6990
  6. Yea while having all those gpu's sounds nice i bet they had to work hard to keep your fps up to hide the crossfire stuttering problems. I would vote the 7970 for the best priced single gpu card. As for the best gpu card i'd have to say the titan for me. Going to one card would probably extend the life of your psu although I still can't see why they would build a system with 4 gpus on such a small power supply.
  7. Will my system be compatible with Nvidia Cards? and If so maybe one of theirs would be better.
  8. Sure it would be compatible. As far as i'm aware any system that can run amd cards can run nvdia as well. But your 400$ price range is way out if you are thinking of the titan. The 7970 would be a lot closer to it by a long ways.
  9. gtx 670 would be my choice
  10. the gtx 670 is a good card i agree but depending on what he does with 3 monitors would be the deciding factor for me. If using 3 monitor setup to game then i'd go amd because of the larger memory bus. If only 1 monitor then i think it all comes down to preference. I prefer nvidia but they are more expensive. I haven't had any issues with earlier generations running single amd cards.
  11. Lets say I take out a monitor and sell it for 100$ or whatever and then Im dealing with 2 monitors and a 500$ Budget what should I do in that scenario?
  12. gtx 670 would be chioce because there is gtx 680 but it is not worthwile at all as it just performs 5%faster than 670+ big price gap.

    in nvidia gtx 670 is way to or fastest gpu then hd 7970ghz edition

    gtx 670 < hd 7970 < gtx 680 < hd 7970ghz
  13. Well with 2 monitors i suppose you could game but you would be staring straight into the bezel of your monitor and i'm thinking you would get tired of that really quick. Its either 1 monitor gaming or 3 monitor trust me don't try with only 2. Best bet would be the 7970 with 3 monitors at your price point. Plus i think you get some free games with them when you purchase.
  14. to effectively run multiple monitor configuration, you can choose graphics cards with bigger memory size like 7970 or 670 and above. If your X58 motherboard support SLI or Crossfire, you can consider to buy the other one for further upgrade.

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