New Build- Just Getting Some Ground
All my components are there (sorry but I'm on an iPod so its hard to copy paste all the details into here.)
So yea I'm looking for any suggestions on what else I should get or what components I should switch out, let me explain my build below,

I am looking to build a pretty powerful 3D gaming machine. I have the monitors and glasses all settled and taken care of (Dont worry I havent bought em yet) so I'm looking for thought on this pc, oh and I also need a case for it! So any opinions and ideas you have on this please post here! Oh and for more details, I have a budget around $1500-1700 sp not too much leeway, I am looking for a case that could have liquid cooling, it doesnt have to have liquid cooling, I may go with fans. And a new heatsink for my i5 cpu. I would like overclocking if thats possible and thats about it... Any dvd/blu-ray drives that are reatively cheap and oh yea, this is my first time building a pc from scratch so how many sata cables do I need?

Sorry for any bad spelling, I'm on an ipod so its hard to type with stupid autocorrect.
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    Good choice on cpu.
    Is that the micro-atx version of the ASRock Z77 Extreme4? If it is, take it out for the ATX version.
    Overkill on ram. Drop it to 8gb.
    GTX680 isn't worth it. $100 price increase compared to the gtx670 with a minimal performance increase. Change it to either a gtx670 or radeon 7970.
    Nice choice on SSD.
    Change the HDD to a 64mb cache one.
    Do you plan to SLI later in the future? If so, change it to a 750w as it will still allow sli. Otherwise, grab a 550-600w.
    You need 3sata cables. One for the SSD, one for the HDD and one for the optical drive. The motherboard only comes with 2, so you have to buy another one.
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