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My mate straight up gave me a TV to use as a monitor when we were discussing my first build. Just said here, have it. I'm not using it so you might as well take it. This was an unbelievably nice thing for him to do, but it does leave me with little choice for my display. It's a 1080i HDTV made by some unknown brand. And while it's perfectly servicable as a general use monitor, I'm not sure it's the best option for a gaming rig.

As I've already splashed out on a GTX 670 GPU, I'm thinking it'll be worth my while buying a proper PC monitor. Do you guys think this would offer a noticable improvement in display? Would it be significant enough to justify paying for monitor when I have this TV? As well as the cost, the other factor to consider is that this mate will likely be visiting, and he's going to be pretty pissed if he sees anything other than his TV on my desk.
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  1. Lol!I can say for me a monitor seems much better but i use a very high dollar monitor and gaming is smoother,more crisp,detailed then when i used a t.v.
  2. Well with that TV you'd be stuck at the 1366X768 resolution or lower since its 1080i and not 1080p (assuming it does 720p). You can buy very nice monitors for cheap in the 100-200 dollar range anyways.
  3. You would most defiantly be better off by getting a good 1080p monitor instead of a TV. A TV is really only meant to do one thing watch TV so they are limited on what resolutions they support and such and while you can get some high dollar TV that support full 1080p and such that is not what you have.

    You already have a GTX 670 why not get the best picture you can out of it and you will not be doing that with that TV. I run 3x Asus 27" monitors and would never go back to surfing the web on a TV.
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