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ASUS 7770 2gb crossfire

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March 31, 2013 11:08:59 PM

I was wondering if crossfire 7770s would perform better if the 2gb version of the card was used. I've noticed my gains with crossfire 1gb 6770s is not alot as its held back due to the 1gb of vram. So assuming crossfire 7770s would do the same, would the gains be better with 2gb of vram? Im not buying new gpus or thinking of going to them, as the high cost of 2gb 7770s match a 7850 1gb, and crossfire matches a 7870, but if someone had a single asus 2gb 7770, and got another to crossfire, how much performance would be gained with having that 2gb card over crossfire 1gb cards?

I also know its not completely the vram that helps but the memory interface, as my crossfire 6770s does not play bf3 on ultra, where as my single 1gb 5850 does

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March 31, 2013 11:13:32 PM

having more than 1GB of VRAM is not useful unless you get above 1920x1080 or turn AA right up, neither of which are particularly good ideas on crossfired 7770's or 6770's
March 31, 2013 11:45:10 PM

so with AA on like bf3 does on ultra preset, theres still no benefit? so playing games in crossfire on a 1gb card crossfire isnt going to be held back by the vram? i mean even in bf3 i still play on high just with slightly higher fps than a single card, but does not get to ultra at all. I know its what both card can process, but spec wise should be near a single 6950 performance wise for xfire 6770, and a 5850 is near a 6870 ish but the 5850 out performs crossfire. both cards r 1gb and only difference i can tell is the memory interface.

I knew the gain from crossfire wouldnt be much but i have only $80 invested for my crossfire setup lol but i expected a little more than just a fps boost at the same settings. so if it was possible having 2gb on the 6770s or going with the 7770s 2gb xfire would have no difference from xfire 1gb even with AA etc?