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I've been looking around this subject for a bit now, and I've been wondering about my motherboard. I have an Intel D945PLRN with 2gb of DDR2 (Old I know but the computer was under a hundred) that says on the website that the maximum amount of memory it can have is 2gb of DDR2 memory. I also read on another thread on this website that the motherboard can take any type of the memory that it's made for (DDR2, DDR3 etc.). So I'm wondering, can I upgrade the RAM with bigger DDR2 modules, or can it really not take any more?
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  1. Well I googled your motherboard model and found a PDF on it:
    it does indeed say 2GB is the maximum. So yes, you cannot install any higher than 2GB, sorry but you'll need a newer motherboard.
  2. thought so.. ah well, thanks :)
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