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I have a rampage 2 extreme motherboard and a vigor monsoon 3 lt heat sink. This just randomly started but it says CPU fan error whenever I boot and says hit F1 to resume. After I hit F1 it takes a few seconds and says error: no such device (and then a huge ass code) and says grub rescue> beneath it.. I've disabled the CPU fan monitor in the BIOs, completely took the fans off and cleaner out the heat sink and still yet CPU Fan Error.. The fan is clearly working. Is there a command to bypass this and boot up windows? Please help, thanks.
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  1. most likely its a short in the fan header, or something along the lines of something is wrong on the motherboard and is giving that error. It still happens with the fan not plugged in?
  2. I haven't attempted it. I will right now.
  3. dont let it run too long without the fan plugged in tho
  4. Yup, unplugged it and it still said CPU Fan Error.
  5. is there any other option to turn off about the fan monitoring or fan control? from what i seen the error only shows when the bios is not getting a reading from the cpu fan
  6. I turned off the fan monitor.. It still went that screen with the grub rescue> command
  7. What do you think of replacing the aftermarket fan with stock fan?
  8. well i dont think replacing the fan will help, i mean with it unplugged it gave the error, but plug the after market fan to a reg fan header or unplugged, and use the stock fan plugged to the cpu header, so u dont have to take the aftermarket one off, and the motherboard still gets a reading
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