My Book Essential unaloocated space and i/o error


i'm trying to recover my files from my book 2tb, unfortunately it is seen as an unallocated space to make matters worse my external drive constantly have a disappearing act. when i read part of the disk is disappear and reappear just like someone unplug it then plug it again.

i know that i can't just remove my hd from the external enclosure and plug it in my motherboard due to the encyprtion.
and i'm stuck with the external enclosure and disappearing act.

i'm using active@ partition recovery enterprise (company software) and i see my see some of my files and not all but the scan hasn't been completed due to the disappearing act. right now i save the scan result which is around 30%. so that i can continue to finish. i tired to image the partition but the disapearing act keeps me from finishing it.

now my question:

is it better to boot from the bootable image of active patition recovery to do recovery or just try in windows(i don't know if the drive will be recognize in the bootable recovery)?

should i just recover the files that i see and call it quits. or should i try to recover the whole partition(i'm afraid that the constant disappearing act will damage the drive more.)

Thank you in advance.
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  1. well i disassemble the external enclosure found out that the sata brige is burn and that was causing the disappearing act and the I/O errors. and also i recovered all of my files.
    now i'm just gonna use this drive as an internal one or buy an external enclosure.
  2. Any Moderator out there please consider this thread closed.
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