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i have a phenom ii x4 940T running on an asrock icafe 770 mobo. The mobo won't allow me to unlock the last 2 hidden cores on the cpu. i believe its a am2+ chipset. im just wondering if i should just replace the mobo and unlock the last 2 cores or just go out and buy a new FX cpu. only have like 150-200bucks to spend. i just want a pc that i wont have to upgrade for at least 6 months, by then i would have enough to replace both. see whats on the market then. just need a short term fix until i can raise some cash up and go from there.
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  1. You do understand that not all chips capable of being unlocked will actually unlock right? Some chips are factory locked fully capable CPUs only locked because of high demand for the less powerful chips. These generally unlock. Much more common is a damaged piece of silicon that has a reason for being locked in that it would not pass the test as say a 6 core CPU but would pass testing as a quad. So there is never a guarantee just like with overclocking every chip is different.
  2. Do you have a Microcenter near you? They have a fantastic bundle: the FX-6300 and ASRock Extreme4 for $190.
  3. thanks for the link. idk if i have one near me but im going to see if they ship out.
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