Trying to find a quiet CPU cooler

Trying to build a new system, got everything picked out but just trying to find that perfect cpu fan.

Priority 1 is sound, looking for something I can barely hear if that, I picked out my other PC components in this regard as well.

Next would be cooling, I'm just planning to do a light overclock, if that, so doesn't have to be anything extremely heavy duty, but would be willing to sacrifice SOME sound if it got a huge gain in cooling ability, shooting for a good ratio of sound to cooling here.

Then there is lights.. I want something with no lights, my own research has turned up some fans that meet the above criteria, but they always got to stick some blue LEDs up in there it seems.

Lastly, why I don't care about looks, it just so happened all the other components I've picked out are black, so I gotta admit if I could find a black heatsink/fan, the overall look of my build would be pretty epic.

Saw a line reviewed from a company called Be Quiet that looked perfect.. but seems I can't get it here in the US :(

Forgot to metion this is for a slot 1155, 3570k
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    My friend has it. It's really really quiet. It can hold CPU temps under 50 celzius in full load with half strength. Check review, altough it's not black it comes without LED :)
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