Used i3-2100 or Pentium G2020??

Which should I buy? A brand new Pentium G2020 or a used i3-2100/2120 which costs about $10-15 more? I encode from time to time but my main concern is the igpu as I only use the onboard and it's more than sufficient for playing a lot of the older games. Is there a big difference in the graphics between the two? Btw that would be replacing the Celeron G530 I currently have. It's awesome in everything I use it for, even in multitasking, but takes up a lot of time on encoding. Thoughts?
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  1. get i3 as it uses hyper threating so it will help in encoding work
  2. What about the graphics? How big is the difference between hd2000 and hd2500?
  3. hd 2500 is around 10-15% faster than hd 2000
  4. ^^^

    However. the Pentium G2020 only has the Intel HD graphics core; not the Intel HD 2500 graphics core.

    The Ivy Bridge Core i3 CPUs have the Intel HD 2500 graphic core. For example....
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