GeForce 9500gt and P5B motherboard compatibility.

Hello, I've just placed a GeForce 9500gt graphics card on my ASUS P5B motherboard and every time I install the driver and restart my PC it seems like the card doesn't work. All I get is the starting screen of Windows with the mouse sitting still. Do you have any idea?
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  1. Should be 100% compatible, are you using latest drivers off nVidia or manufacturer?
  2. Hi,

    They are compatible without any problem.

    Either your GPU is damaged or your windows are mess. You can try to fix it by cleaning registry with CC cleaner and using driver cleaner to make clean install of drivers.

    Best regards :)
  3. Thank you for your answers. My OS is still Windows XP (I forgot to mention that). I downloaded the latest drivers from different sites and I tried all of them and the result was always the same. I had to restart my PC in safe mode and unistall the drivers otherwise I wasn't able to do anything. I'll try Feldmarschall's solution and I'll let you know.
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