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im confused. can anyone tell me exactly what cables and or boxes i need to connect a 15 pin laptop to a hdmi television to stream movies from netflix?
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  1. DVI to HDMI cable.......
  2. teaser said:
    DVI to HDMI cable.......

    do i need a converter box of some kind also?
  3. if the TV only has HDMI and the computer only has 15pin VGA you need one of these.

    Your challenge is that the computer only puts out analog video in the form of VGA. You need a converter to convert that analog signal to digital for HDMI.

    Are you sure the laptop does not have HDMI or Display Port?
    If the TV has a 15 pin VGA I would just use that. The quality is very good at 1920x1080@60hz.
  4. The tv only has an hdmi port and the laptop only has a 15 pin connecter so i need to know exactly what cables and boxes i need to connect it all together. i would appreciate all the help i can get. someone told me all i needed was a vga to hdmi cable but that doesnt work. thank you'
  5. also do i need some kind of adapter that goes between the box and the laptop?
  6. The vga to hdmi converter that I linked is what you need. You need a powered adapter to turn the vga into a digital signal.

    A HDMI to vga is what you tried and did not work, its meant to go the other way. That is plug an hdmi computer into a vga monitor.
  7. ok so that converter box and an a regular hdmi cable is all i need? or do i need an adapter or cable between the converter box and the laptop also? i appreciate all your help so much
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    That box is one example. You might look for a complete kit. To make that adapter box work you will also need a standard 15 pin vga cable. To go from the laptop to the adapter. Then you will need a standard hdmi to go from the adapter to the tv.

    If you have an old computer monitor around chances are that wire will work.

    If you want sound to go through the HDMI to the tv you will also need a standard 3.5mm audio patch cable. (headphone style connector on both ends).

    The VGA and audio cable are only like $5 each on that same web site. Maybe there is a complete kit that would make it easier out there.
  9. thank you very much for all your help!
  10. ok i have a question. hope you guys have the answer. i have a hd tv, my laptop is a 15 pin port. i have purchased a converter box, an hdmi cable, a vga cable and an audio cable. when i hook all of them up the screen on my laptop goes black and i cant do anything beyond that on the laptop. is there something im not doing correctly?
  11. hi. you helped me to know what i needed to buy for this problem but now i have another problem. i have an hd tv and a laptop with a 15 pin port. i have purchased a converter box, an hdmi cable, a vga cable, and an audio cable. but when i connect everything to my laptop my screen on the laptop goes black and i cant do anything further. is there something im doing wrong or something im not doing that i should be? i appreciate any help you can give me. thank you.
  12. It sounds like the computer is detecting the TV and sending the picture to the TV and turning off the laptop screen.

    First make sure the TV is set to correct HDMI input. Normally on the tv its marked as HDMI1 HDMI2. Make sure the TV is set to the port you are plugged into.

    On the laptop look a the Fkeys. Top of the keyboard. There will be one with a blue icon that looks like a box or a tv. Normally on the bottom left the keyboard is the Fn key. Notice the Fn key is blue or purple. Hold the Fn key and hit the F key that has the TV icon on it.
    On my gateway laptop it is F4. So to turn on the monitor its Fn+F4.
    1 tap turns on external screen.
    2 taps turns on both screens.
    3 taps turns on only the laptop screen.
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