Need help assembling a custom gaming laptop.

Hey, I am planning on building a gaming laptop for myself, and I need help choosing the best possible parts for a fully capable laptop that can run the games at high graphics, and smoothly. The budget would be probably under 1000-1100$. If you could help, that'd be awesome.
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  1. Gaming, Laptop, and Budget are generally mutually exclusive terms. Plus, there aren't many ways to custom build laptops like you would with a desktop. You can check custom stores like though, and see if something peaks your interest.
  2. it is possible there are a limited few sites who sell laptop parts like (thre are more but i am lazy this mooring as i am sick,System-Boards.aspx

    but generally speaking building a gaming laptops is a tough dead and as traciatim put it gaming, laptop and budget usually don't mix well.
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