Windows Blue Screening on Start Up after Forced Shutdown

So, the other day I was using my computer(Running Windows 7 at the time), and all of a sudden my system starts being really unresponsive and Shockwave crashes within Google chrome. It gets so unresponsive that the only way to shut it down is to force shutdown by holding down the power button, so I do so. After the forced shutdown though it starts hanging for a few minutes at the starting windows screen, and then proceeds to blue screen, at which points it repeats this process again until I shutdown the computer for good.

After this happened a few times I took out both my RAM sticks and tried each one individually, the problem was still occurring so I tried a different RAM slot with no success. Windows Repair did not work, and I could not even enter safe mode, so I tried doing a clean install of windows 7 which failed mid way through. At this point I was so annoyed that I just did not touch my computer for a couple of days.

Eventually, I tried doing a clean install of windows 8 instead, this actually worked surprisingly, or at least I thought it did. unfortunately I could tell as soon as I logged into my user that something was wrong though, My computer was constantly going unresponsive on simple things, and Google Chrome would crash. I restarted my computer to see if the same problem as before would occur, it did not, but I could still tell that something was wrong. So next time I was logged in I forced shutdown to see if the same problem would occur, turns out that triggered the old problem and my computer started blue screening on start up again.

So here is a list of the things I tried with no success:

-Tried each Ram stick
-Tried different Ram slots
-Tried running Windows repair
-Tried clean installing windows 8, and windows 7
-Tried running windows in safe mode

Here are my computer specs, if that matters at all:

- XFX 6870 1GB
-Western Digital Blue 500GB 7200rpm
-Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz RAM 8GB
-Asus M59A7 Motherboard
-AMD Phenom 965 BE (Not Overclocked)
-Corsair CX600
-ASUS DVD drive
-Coolermaster Hyper 212+

Sorry about the lengthy post, but I wanted to try and get in every detail I could remember.
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    Could be failing Hard Drive. Run diagnostic from WD
  2. dodger46 said:
    Could be failing Hard Drive. Run diagnostic from WD

    Sure enough I put the drive in my other computer and it failed the test within seconds, seems like this is the problem for sure. Thanks for the help, think I am just going to invest into a better drive since the blue series is not that great anyway.
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